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Caroline Bock 

Author of CARRY HER HOME, winner of the 2018 Fiction Award from the Washington Writers' Publishing House, and author of the critically acclaimed young adult novels, Before My Eyes and LIE (St. Martin's Press), Bock is a  graduate of Syracuse University where she had the great luck and honor to study short story writing with Raymond Carver and Tobias Wolff and poetry with Tess Gallagher and Jack Gilbert. After college, however,  she did not immediately pursue a literary path.

Bock spent the next twenty years in the cable television industry, rising to senior vice president, marketing and public relations at Bravo, IFC and IFC Films. She was part of the senior executive team that launched IFC and IFC Films. In late 2003, she left the cable television industry to pursue her creative writing and to raise a family. In 2011, she earned an MFA in Fiction with honors from The City College of New York.

Currently, she is a Lecturer in English/Creative Writing at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She also leads workshops at The Writer's Center in Bethesda and at Politics & Prose in DC. In 2021, she will co-edit the anthology

THIS IS WHAT AMERICA LOOKS LIKE to be published by The Washington Writers' Publishing House.

Most importantly, as a writer, Bock aims to write every day. She is at work on a new novel set in 2040. Notably, as a work-in-progress, this novel was awarded an Artists & Scholars grant from the Montgomery County (MD) Arts & Humanities Council. She also writes--and has published--many short stories including recently in District Lit, SmokeLong, and the Furious Gravity 2020 anthology.  Many days she feels that she has gone this far only to circle back to her beginnings with Carver and Wolff--and for that she is grateful.

Caroline Bock lives in Maryland with her husband, two teenagers, and her faithful cat, Sammie.  She is available to meet with book clubs and high school classes in person or via Zoom, or other media.