Carry Her Home

Winner of the 2018 Fiction Award from the Washington Writers' Publishing House. NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK on Audible and ITunes.

"Caroline Bock's debut short story collection Carry Her Home grabbed hold of me from the first page and did not let go. With the propulsion of a great novel and the density of a poem, Bock skillfully guides us back and forth through time and into the hearts and psyches of myriad characters, the most affecting an Italian woman, her Jewish husband and their progeny. These stories, varying in length and form, cohere, largely because we always know where we are, right at the center of Bock's big beating heart."

- Michelle Brafman, author of Bertrand Court and Washing the Dead.

"Carry Her Home is a magical mosaic: each small gem of a story gleams on its own, but when put together, they create an even more breathtaking whole. With vivid, compact prose, Bock transports you to multiple generations of her Jewish-Italian-American family story, and beyond. This collection is a tender, compassionate, and wise meditation on family, love and loss.

-Tara Campbell, author of TreeVolution and Circe's Bicycle

"Carry Her Home is a collage of stories centered around a Jewish dad raising four children alson after his Italian Catholic wife is institutionalized after a stroke. It's an old story of loss made new by precise and gorgeous language. We were captivated by Bock's portraits of rich and engrossing characters, her beautiful and evocative language. There are deep aches here, rendered with a light, sure touch--her stories are haunting and visceral."

-Kathleen Wheaton, author of Alien and Other Stories, and president of the Washington Writers' Publishing House. 

"Caroline Bock's new collection, Carry Her Home, which the author calls autobiographical fiction, takes flash into another realm. Using short chapters, some only half a page, she tells her family's story; sorrows, vacations, struggles, and losses emerge in a series of short strokes that read like a fever dream..."

-Washington Independent Review of Books review November, 2018

"Fully, deliciously unexpected..."

-Late Last NIght Books review, November, 2018

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"Those who work with teens know that adolescents sometimes have difficulty making sound decisions, particularly when influenced by their peers.  Lie presents a credible tale about a group of teens whose lives are impacted when their charming, but flawed, peer leader convinces them to keep his violent crime a secret.  Jimmy Seeger seems to have a sixth sense about peers who are vulnerable and needy, as is evidenced by his rescuing Skylar Thompson after her mother’s death and befriending Sean Mayer, a capable but insecure 'follower.'  When Jimmy viciously assaults two young brothers from El Salvador, resulting in the death of the older brother, his friends make a tight circle around him and pledge that, although 'everybody knows' what actually happened, 'nobody is talking' about it.  This terrible hate crime takes a toll on everyone, it seems, except Jimmy.  Despite the fact that Jimmy is in jail temporarily, his grandmother has hired a high-powered attorney to plead his case.  Thus, the chances of him beating the rap are excellent—unless one of his peers has the courage and motivation to come forward and tell the truth.  After subsequent tragedies occur, Skylar finally realizes that she must do the right thing and tell what she knows.


This title will be highly appealing to tweens and teens wrestling with difficult peer issues and struggling to make tough, but morally correct, decisions. " —Donna Miller, Library Journal